Portable Motion Control System

First of all, the Cinemotion (Mini MoCo ) motion control system a is fairly light and portable system with a high degree of accuracy.

In our pan/tilt heads we use harmonic drive gears that have virtually no backlash, meaning there is no glitch in the movement when changing direction of an axis.

For the tracks we use both ball screw driven linear rails and belt driven rail systems.

4 axis motion control rig on the feature film Flåklypa. Featuring a 1.5m track with ballscrew and pan/til and focus control.

The ball screw system have excellent positioning accuracy, is very strong and can vertically lift heavy camera rigs. The rail system have great positioning accuracy of which one is geared down with a harmonic drive gear and attached to a skateboard dolly running on standard grip rails.

Motion control pan-tilt head

The pan/tilt MoCo head has a gear ratio of 1:100 giving it a angular resolution of 555.55 steps/degree of motion. The head is built for nodal setups, and can be modified for various needs upon request.

Pan/Tilt head with harmonic drive developed by Cinemotion in Norway

By using The Mantis software, we have a total of 8 axis, so we can easily add  extra movement with a turntable  or a model mover.

Motion control turntable on set.

Motion Control Software

The motion control can be operated from BFG Motion Mantis software and from Dragonframe.

The Mantis software is an easy to use platform excellent for both live-speed and time-lapse.

In Mantis you have total control of all axis.


Mantis is a user friendly and intuitive interface with wast amounts of option.


If you want to know more about the software, go to BFG Motion for more detailed information.

The Cinemotion system is available for rental.

We are located at Lillestrøm close to Oslo in Norway.

Please contact us for details!