Cinemotion is a Norwegian company that focuses on mechanical design and construction for the motion picture industry.
The company provides services form CAD design, CNC or manual machining, 3D printing, mold making, tool making etc.

CNC machined and anodized aluminium parts made in the workshop.

Products that have been created includes Motion Control systems, 3D camera systems, camera tracks, sliders and jibs, various camera and grip accessories and SFX equipment like flamethrowers, various size propane and air cannons, smoke machines, rain equipment, mechanical rigs for rotary or linear movement of props and equipment, animatronics, control systems for pyrotechnics and air cannons etc.

Slider prototype during testing for smoothness, noise and pan/tilt and track stability.

Having a background both as an engineer and as a filmmaker / cinematographer and SFX supervisor enable me to see things from multiple perspectives witch has been very valuable in designing film gear.

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